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Salt Lake Web Marketing (SLWM) is the marketing arm of Salt Lake Web Central, located in Salt Lake City, UT.  Through some of the most innovative and powerful Internet marketing techniques online today, we will market your website placing you in the top of the search ranks, whether it is local or global results you are after we are your marketing firm.

With over 40 years of combined marketing experience alone, your next Internet marketing campaign is safe in our hands.  Check out just some of the ways we will help market your business online.

The 2 Pillars of Internet Marketing

SLWM has a unique perspective on Internet marketing. We believe there are two main pillars: traffic with intent and conversions.

Traffic with Intent

The Internet is being used in new ways every day.

The average Internet user right now is sitting down looking up the weather, going to Facebook to update their status or heading off to Gmail to answer their inbox. When they want to find a business they search Google scan right down the middle page until they get to the first result in the organic area (on average only 10-20% will look at PPC) or they will keep scanning until they get a relevant result. For local searches like landscapers or lawyers they look at the big 7 next to the Google Map.

We specialize in getting our clients seen at the top of the SERPs and in the right places to drive not just traffic to your website but traffic with intent to buy. Most people that find local businesses through searching are looking to make a purchase, this is traffic with intent. It's a Fact!The average amount of clicks the number 1 spot gets on a search engine results page is over 43%!

If your website is not at the top of the results page for the keywords in your market you are losing a huge chunk of profits to your competitors.  A well planned and executed Internet marketing campaign will bring more traffic to your website than ever before resulting in more profits to you, this is how we market and you profit.

This is not the only method people use to get online however.

In 2003, the only things available to find resources online were search engines, a simple portal to the Internet.  Now there is a new method of finding information called social media, this so-called "social media revolution" has revolutionized the way we find, communicate and interact with other people.  A well designed “Viral Social Media” post can drive literally millions of people to your website.


Driving traffic to your website is where the typical marketing firm stops.  They sell you on maximizing traffic and clicks and fail to mention the single most crucial part of a website's true goal: conversions.

Traffic is not what a marketer should focus on but rather traffic with intent and conversions. Spending tons of money on an Internet marketing campaign that points to a website that does not convert to sales can cause a business to go bankrupt very quickly. Your website's ROI comes from conversions: leads, sales, or newsletter subscriptions to inspire future leads and sales.

By focusing on conversion rates for current incoming traffic on our clients websites, we essentially double or even tripple the traffic that website is getting, because more sales are being made from the same amount of visitors.

SLWM is ready to drive buyers to your web presence today, are you ready to convert them?



Never have we seen so much traffic from the Internet, thanks Troy for everything!

Stanley Rupert

Top notch service!  These guys do what they say they are going to do and then some.

Bill Haily