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Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis

If you run an ecommerce store, potential sales slip through your fingers every day.

It usually goes like this:

All of your internet marketing has worked: you found a qualified customer, brought her onto your site, got her to click “buy,” and then…

She leaves. Completely undoes all of your hard work. Abandons your shopping cart.

Every stage of the process went exactly as you planned…until checkout time.

Shopping cart abandonment is the most discouraging type of a failed conversion for ecommerce stores.

Salt Lake Web Marketing (SLWM )shopping cart abandonment analysis that takes into account five core reasons behind shopping cart abandonment.

Payment Discomfort

One of the primary reasons behind abandoned shopping carts is shopper discomfort with sharing credit card information.

Some ecommerce stores use a third party provider, such as Yahoo!, to process their transactions. A visitor will balk at the change in site design and website address, and leave the checkout area rather than risk identity theft.

An optimized checkout process should have many payment options available, including Google checkout, PayPal, and phone orders.

“I’ll come back later”

Ecommerce stores’ ability to save the contents of shopping carts for a later date can also lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Unless your copy and sales process stress the importance of buying “now,” customers will feel comfortable leaving your site, planning to come back at a later time.

Unfortunately, the likelihood that your visitor will convert decreases dramatically once she leaves your site.


Revenue-generating banner and text ads can distract your visitors and lure them away from your shopping cart.

Ads that you display on your ecommerce store are relevant to your shoppers; therefore they will frequently click-out of your site to visit your sponsors’ sites.

While good for your advertising revenue, excessive click-throughs on your site’s ads are very detrimental to your conversion rates and lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Price Comparisons

Customers often use shopping carts to gauge the price of a bundle of products. They go to multiple sites that sell the same products and add the items to their shopping cart, automatically totaling the cost at each store.

If the visitor finds a site offering a cheaper price than yours, she will abandon your shopping cart in favor of someone else’s site.

Sudden Cold Feet

Sometimes, inexplicably, a visitor feels a sudden urge to not go through with the conversion.

Frequently they don’t know where the urge came from, but something told them to leave and find something else.

You can remedy this type of shopping cart abandonment by making sure that every piece of your site—from the copy down to the color of the navigation—communicates a sense of security to your shoppers.

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