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Find More Visitors: Pillar 1

Finding more not just more visitors but visitors with the intent to buy is the first pillar of Internet marketing we focus on.  Read on to see the different  Internet marketing methods we use for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Present throughout your entire website and marketing campaigns Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation almost of all Internet marketing efforts.  Optimizing of your website and its content for the right keywords is a crucial part of getting your website to appear in the places that benefit you the most.

Here at Salt Lake Web Marketing (SLWM) we understand keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO and we are experts in researching not just those that bring traffic, but traffic with intent.  Ensure you are marketing in the right areas and to the right customers by having SLWM do your SEO.

Learn more about SEO and how SLWM can help you.

Press Release Marketing

The first part of any marketing campaign should be a press release.  A press release is your chance to update the public on product launches, changes, or events concerning your company or brand.

When was the last time your company did a press release?

It is critical to structure your press release correctly; failure to do so can turn off potential journalists who would write about your company losing a great amount traffic and attention to your website.

Learn how your press release needs can be fulfilled by SLWM.

Pay-Per-Click Management

One of the quickest and best ways to market your business online is through Pay-Per-Click campaigns.  Pay-Per-Click campaigns can produce near instant results if done correctly, or they can break your wallet if done wrong.

Through in depth keyword research and proper management of campaign settings and options SLWM can insure your PPC campaign gets the best results possible.

Find out how SLWM can help boost your Pay-Per-Click ROI.

Social Media

The world has literally been taken by storm with the advent of Social Media.  Millions if not billions of users every year are logging on to social networking websites to communicate, share information and research products.

SLWM understands the importance of this “Social Media Revolution” and provides in depth social media marketing services ranging from social media sign-ups to weekly blog postings.

SLWM is on the cutting edge of the social media scene with tools at tools at our disposal that allow us to literally monitor millions and millions of web pages giving us real-time information and statistics regarding Internet Chatter.  This is a huge advantage in marketing to social media groups.

Learn how your business make in impact on Social Media Groups.

Link Building

Link building is one of the primary factors in ranking online as any marketing professional will tell you.  Proper link building can be a long term investment if done correctly, this requires building links naturally and not buying them.  SLWM practices methods that will help your websites inbound links grow the way they should original content.

Here at SLWM we create what is called “Link Bait”, a type of content that will draw in links naturally because of its benefit to other users, such as an online tool, a review or product comparison.

Learn more about how inbound links can boost your page rank!

Search Engine Domination

Search Domination is a SLWM service that has been developed for those wishing to literally dominate certain areas of the Internet, such as a local keyword like plumbing or locksmith (understand some keywords you cannot dominate like highly competitive used global keywords).

With a Search Engine Domination campaign we get you listed on virtually all areas of a SERP showing in sponsored links, organic results, videos, images, news and Google Maps.  This gives you the ultimate exposure for the keywords that make you the most money.  This kind of domination can yield click through rates to your website as high as the 80% range stealing nearly all the customers in your market.

Learn more about Search Engine Domination.


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