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Local Search: The new King in town.

Local search optimization is quickly becoming the cornerstone to any local business’ marketing campaign whether it is retail or service based.  Just recently Google has changed the layout of the search engine results page enhancing even more a local searchers ability to narrow down a search to get localized results.

What does this mean to local businesses?

It means higher conversions on local traffic searching for a business due to fewer non-relevant distractions in front of the searcher allowing them to find what they need faster and easier, it’s like the nail in the coffin for local phone book companies. Local searchers will now be able to filter out all content not related to what they are specifically searching for such as a local business or an article or blog.

Here are some local search statistics released by some of the top research companies in the world.

  • Over 2.6 billion local searches are performed every month, with a growth rate of over 50% per year.  (Piper Jaffray 2008)
  • 35% of all searches are local. (DM News 2009)
  • 82% of local searchers follow up via in-store visit, phone call or purchase. (TMP/comScore 2009). These are buyers!
  • 73% of online activity is related to local content. (Google 2009)
  • 54% of Americans have substituted phonebooks for the internet and local search (ComScore 2009)
  • 32% of people with smart phones conduct local search. (Google)

Now keep in mind all of these statistics are prior to the new Google layout and the enhanced localized search features offered within it.  Just imagine how much local searching increase over the next few years!

Local Search Domination

Salt Lake Web Marketing (SLWM) provides consistent placement at the top of the SERP for our clients through what we call Search Domination.  By using virtually every marketing technique, only tuned for local search, we literally fill the search engine results page with links, articles, videos, pictures and more pointing to our client’s web presence.

The Big 7: Google Maps

At SLWM our primary focus is on Google Maps, with currently only 7 spots available next to the Google Map on the SERP it is has never been more important to get help from a professional marketing firm like us.

On average 42-56% of the clicks the first page of any search go to 1st result on the page, in the case of local searches that means the first link on the Big 7.  These are local shoppers that are looking to buy products or services, remember 82% of these searchers follow up with a visit or a phone call producing a sale.

If you are not on the Big 7 your competition will be, let us manage your local online campaign and guarantee you placement where you will be seen by these local searchers.

Local PPC

Are you getting the most for your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing dollars?

PPC campaigns can provide a quick return on investment if done correctly but can also waste a lot of money of not.

SLWM can help businesses reach local customers right at the moment they are looking to buy products or services through high impact PPC advertisements.  Through local Pay-Per-Click ads, we ensure our clients are seen for all the keywords they are targeting not just some them.

Local Social Marketing

The explosion of Social Media is changing the face of the Internet and how people interact online and how they find products or services.

We understand that most people are still trying to wrap their heads around search and PPC so we provide in depth Social Media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Through some of the most cutting edge data aggregation technologies available SLWM makes Social Media marketing a powerful tool.  We can provide our clients with the means to track their name, brand or product across literally millions of social media websites with real-time notifications.  This provides them with the ability to engage in currently social media conversations relevant to their products or services right when they are happening and interest is high.

Multimedia Marketing

Since the advent of streaming video and social media websites like Youtube multimedia marketing has been a major part of any well planned marketing campaign.  A single video can bring millions of hits to a website propelling it to the top of the ranks very quickly.

SLWM strategically utilizes multimedia to create a strong online brand that makes our clients appear in the video section and images as well.

Business Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular search engine marketing techniques and is one of the best ways to attract more links to your website.  Our professional blog management services provide high impact content that engages the customer to participate and interact with your website.

An SLWM managed business blog will create repeat visitors, credibility and visitor loyalty resulting in more sales overall.

Google and the Facts

How do we know we will make money from our local marketing campaign?

This is a question almost any cautious business owner will ask and can be a confusing issue to explain so we decided to provide a working example based on the plumbing industry.

Keep in mind all of the information we provide you is direct from Google’s own adwords database and is reasonably accurate but not perfect.

For this example we used the Google Traffic Estimator Tool and ran the top 20 keywords setting the max bid to $50.00 per click at $50,000 daily budget.  We did this to get a maximum number of estimated clicks Google claims they can get for our chosen 20 keyword phrases. Keep in mind this is only a test we are not going to actually bid at this rate, this is purely for gathering information.


The next step taken is setting the Traffic Estimator tool to only provide us with traffic within a 10 mile radius of our client’s location.  This will help us get an overall local search volume for our selection of keywords.


Once our geo targeted search is complete we get our results for what Google thinks it can get us in actual clicks per day.  Below is a chart of our selected keywords and the results we get for our 10 mile radius.


Even though some of our chosen keywords may not be ideal for PPC we can still use the information, our chosen keywords result in 3,679-4,644 clicks per day from all 20 keyword phrases combined.

To wrap all of this up we need some additional statistics for our example, we need the overall % PPC gets in click troughs on a given search.

In other words how many people click on the sponsored ads when they land on a search results page?

According to Google the average click through rate for a single PPC ad is about 2%, with only 3-7 PPC ads per SERP this means total amount of clicks all PPC ads get is around 6-14% on average.  In other words on average only 10% of the total traffic on a SERP goes to the sponsored section of the search engine results page.

Doing the Math

Putting it all together we get a simple set of data we can start to use to estimate our potential income from our online marketing campaign.

To get an estimate on total searches (not clicks) for our keywords we multiply our results by 10.

Total clicks per day = 3,679
Total clicks per month = 110,370 (@ 30 days)
Total searches per month = 1,103,700 (clicks *10)

That’s a ton of searches per month!

According to several SERP click through rate studies the number 1 natural position in a SERP gets around 42% of the total clicks on a page.  Let’s be really conservative and say we only get 10% of the total clicks on a page from all of our marketing efforts.

Total searches per month = 1,103,700
Total clicks to our website = 110,370
5% lead capture rate = 5,518.5 total leads
25% closing rate = 1,379 sales made per month!!

With an average sale amount of $250.00

Our total revenue is: 1,379 * $250 = $344,906

That is a total increase of $344,906 per month!!

We could be even more conservative and cut this number in half or more and we are still coming out WAY ahead of traditional advertising methods such as yellow pages.

How much potential income does your business stand to make online?

See our Local Search Domination Packages

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